Whole sale lashes

Whole sale lashes

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Hi sis! Your on the right path to have another source of income! You could easily Make up to $1,00 from investing in yourself! Once you have purchased I will contact you to get the styles you would like, the quantity of each and provide your with all the information you will need to get started

or click the link below to see full catalog 


Leave style number & quantities of f each in comments at check out 

The $250 gets you 50 pairs of high quality mink lashes depending on the lengths (I will send you the catalog of styles after purchasing) 

This will also cover shipping from the factory and to your door step as well as a Quality check before shipping to you 🥰


**takes about two weeks (due to covid-19 it is a possibility wholesale orders will take a little longer to receive the lashes so please don’t rush and constantly bother me as I get updates I will reach out to you I have a lot of other work and I can’t control how long the factory takes**

**please be patient and respectful I will not tolerate disrespect. I will refuse your next order if you can’t. I don’t work for you I’m working with you to help build a brand**

**if you would like packaging (lash boxing) and or labels please let me know IT WILL BE AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR PACKAGING**

**if you need help starting your business I will offer a 2 hour service to help you this will include: picking logo, color schemes, website help, business, marketing/promo tactics, and any other questions you may have.** 

 message me for more information of you would like to sample just place a regular order it’s the same exact lashes Monique Minks sells 

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